Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spatio-temporal hyperlink is just a fancy term for magic door

So here i am, holed up in my room, with a niggling headache. Debra: self declared hermit, as i have 2 midterms tmrw. *whees with joy*

anyway, past week end was F1 weekened. here are some photos of Massa's pit stop blunder, Alonso's win and a horrible F1 crash.

haha lame i know (though there was a real crash by kimi.r actually.) marf! i'm so very bored. took some pictures with my webcam. nthg compared to photobooth on mac if you're wondering. i'm using nec. so hot when in use, you can fry an egg on it.

btw, vtg raybans were purchased off ebay. and i needa hair cut. should i keep my bangs? they're getting waaaaay outta hand. bushy bush bush kookaburra. alrightee. gonna resume geek mode. Wishing there was a spatio-temporal hyperlink to where chris is right now.

Monday, September 29, 2008

silver eevees shine like stars

The div 2 tournament 2008 has finally come to an end, and i'm glad to announce that SMU Foxes have been declared runner's up! we secured 2nd place after our last match today agnst springfield ewoks. (does anyone else think springbok- african animal, star wars alien cross? haha.) anyhow, it's been a great season, no losses. wish i was a better asset to the team though! shall work towards that. almost goals count for nthg as dennis aptly sez. and i only scored 1 or 2. and as a centre/ playmaker pair, i should be scoring gazillions. suckas. ah well, things can only improve from here.

Thanks to everyone for the amazing season! i love team sports. my smu life would be dead w/o floorball. To my GPA: go to hell =D. xoxo, deb.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

If your name's Kelly, it’s not anymore. It’s Betty or Lucky Bitch.

I’m in the midst of doing up my CB cheat sheet for the test on tues, but I was distracted =D

Here’s my husband LUKE WORRELL *screams like a baby* and Kelly Osbourne at the Bungalow 8 nightclub in London for Nick Grimshaw’s Birthday Party.

Chanced upon this photo in August, but I wanted to share it with you guys. Why?

1. Luke Worrell is looking smashing as usual. (Yes, he’s now sporting a darker and shorter hairstyle compared with his platinum blonde one as seen in the lovelicious marc by marc jacobs spring 08 ads.) He’s totally rocking that tight skinny jeans with tux jacket look. (mind you, not many guys can do that w/o looking like a ______.)

2. I totally love what K.O.’s wearing even though I hate her guts. Her dress is by miu miu (amazing print, saw a purse in that exact print at the miu miu boutique abt a month back), her shoes are red and shiny (have I mentioned I love shiny?), and that wonderful leather jacket just completes her outfit. I would totally wear what she’s wearing if I could afford it… Can someone please buy me a leather jacket just like that?

I hate to admit it, but they look so great together. Bah humbug.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A big happy birthday to man of the mo': YETZELLY the sair

As mentioned in the earlier post, Yetzelly's 24th birthday was celebrated at screme on thursday evening! b4 the event, we wanted to eat a srcumpdillyuptious dinner at astons at cathay, but it was way too packed =( so we settled on carl's jnr instead.

After dinner, while the guys "distracted" yetzelly, lauren denise and I sneaked off to breadtalk to buy yez' bday cake. (it was lemon cheescake, on discount too!). we then made our way to screme where there was free flow beer, a live music set feat. Alvin and Romey, great DJing, and lotsa fun with everyone (including some urban sport action).

Anyhoo, here's what i wore on thurs. rather LSD-effect-ish according to sean the DJ.

1. Neon Floral Mini Dress, vtg, ebay
2. Black Woven Belt, vtg, thrifted
3. Shiny Stirrup Tights (Asphalt), American Apparel
4. Black Gem Sandals, Beverly Feldman
5. Tortoise Shell Glasses, Kame ManNen

Anyway, for a thorough documentary of the party, and a look the amazing double breasted coat we bought for yez, do vist denise's blog. For more entertaining & hilarious pictures, you can click on the link below, which will bring you to the facebook album YZ24 pt1 (there's a pt 2 too if you're interested).

Facebook Link

p.s. - To you: Don't be sorry! i promise more fun times, more good times and lots of laughs =) cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. (ouchie) haha.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

dayong sampan

Ahoy Landlubbers, All hands on deck!

Here's what i wore to school on wed. This was thrifted about 2 week back =D It's rather short though, really really mini length. i likin it. haha. luckily my skivvies weren't exposed to anyone.

Alas, it was met with many a “sailormoon” and “school uniform” comment. This dress might very well be the most childish piece of clothing I have.. *ponders*. However as we sail thru life, we cannot avoid rough waters. We have to be brave and confident. We have to sail on because calm waters won't make a skillful dresser. HAHA. Did that make sense to anyone? Haha. OKaayye. Anyway, here’s the nautical look as seen on marc jocobs spring and Chanel resort 08 collections. (I’m slow. Yes I know. Will try finding stuff from the recent London and NY fashion weeks to blog abt instead.)

This sailorific look is quite old. But if gladiators and leggings are still around, I don’t see why this would be deemed outdated. So landlubbers might want to opt for nautical strips, double breasted shorts, or just a simple white and navy blue ensemble once in a blue moon. Those dresses from ebay put the S in sailor. A really fun take on the sailor look. I love that picture with the red suitcase btw.

So mee hearties, while I’m in the lib mugging for my midterms next week, this is a look to consider. At least it will make a refreshing sea change from the floral, gipsy, boho, ethnic looks that have dominated summer over and over. ( I quite like Zara’s Fall 08 collection which I in stores now though. Very Gucci fall 08, but very ex too. Very nice fringed tops/ studded vests/ Mongolian coins etc. Ok I digress. Wandering mind. But I might do a post on that look soon.)

On another note, we’re celebrating Yez’ bday at screme later cos there’s some bondue event called blackout. But before that.. I’m actually contemplating visiting topshop orchard with denise and Lauren later. I’m so easily distracted. I have a wandering mind. (now where have I said that before..) No wonder I do so well for exams =D

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thru the looking glass: dolly, dainty, deceitful.

Hellow there mad hatters and Alice's, look what I was doing during Risk Management and Insurance class today =D here’s a really fun look for fall:

Following miu miu’s stunning S/S 08 collection, carnivalesque puff skirts and harlequin patterns galore, Topshop has just recently released their fall 08 collection “Wonderland”.

Topshop’s wonderland theme is really similar, with reds, dark blues and blacks, shine, and very full and short skirts. Topshop’s pieces are more wearable, if I do say so. God knows how difficult it is to wear some of those long sleeved (but nice) creations. But I have to say I love those very cute miu miu collars. Am actually thinking of getting a bow tie to wear with some of my dresses.

Anyhoodle, I absolutely love Topshop’s navy blue sequin dress in the top right corner, but my prom days are over. *sobz sobz sobz* and frankly I think people might mistake me for a clown/ getai singer or something. Or a bottle of navy blue glitter. Or a kid. ( I naturally look kiddy). Or just someone insanely shiny. OOo I love shiny. Can’t. Look. Away. Will get Denise to do her rendition of this pretty look for her blog soon. (denise is prawning w/o me right now. this very moment. yeas. this very moment.)

So people who desired but could not afford miu miu’s pieces, rejoice! Even though it’s a season (or more) late, better late than never! Embrace the bouncy castle pouf skirt with open arms! Ringmaster deb leaves the stage, thankew thankew *bows* and proceeds to continue whith her chi-squared adventures.