Saturday, September 27, 2008

A big happy birthday to man of the mo': YETZELLY the sair

As mentioned in the earlier post, Yetzelly's 24th birthday was celebrated at screme on thursday evening! b4 the event, we wanted to eat a srcumpdillyuptious dinner at astons at cathay, but it was way too packed =( so we settled on carl's jnr instead.

After dinner, while the guys "distracted" yetzelly, lauren denise and I sneaked off to breadtalk to buy yez' bday cake. (it was lemon cheescake, on discount too!). we then made our way to screme where there was free flow beer, a live music set feat. Alvin and Romey, great DJing, and lotsa fun with everyone (including some urban sport action).

Anyhoo, here's what i wore on thurs. rather LSD-effect-ish according to sean the DJ.

1. Neon Floral Mini Dress, vtg, ebay
2. Black Woven Belt, vtg, thrifted
3. Shiny Stirrup Tights (Asphalt), American Apparel
4. Black Gem Sandals, Beverly Feldman
5. Tortoise Shell Glasses, Kame ManNen

Anyway, for a thorough documentary of the party, and a look the amazing double breasted coat we bought for yez, do vist denise's blog. For more entertaining & hilarious pictures, you can click on the link below, which will bring you to the facebook album YZ24 pt1 (there's a pt 2 too if you're interested).

Facebook Link

p.s. - To you: Don't be sorry! i promise more fun times, more good times and lots of laughs =) cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye. (ouchie) haha.

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