Thursday, September 25, 2008

dayong sampan

Ahoy Landlubbers, All hands on deck!

Here's what i wore to school on wed. This was thrifted about 2 week back =D It's rather short though, really really mini length. i likin it. haha. luckily my skivvies weren't exposed to anyone.

Alas, it was met with many a “sailormoon” and “school uniform” comment. This dress might very well be the most childish piece of clothing I have.. *ponders*. However as we sail thru life, we cannot avoid rough waters. We have to be brave and confident. We have to sail on because calm waters won't make a skillful dresser. HAHA. Did that make sense to anyone? Haha. OKaayye. Anyway, here’s the nautical look as seen on marc jocobs spring and Chanel resort 08 collections. (I’m slow. Yes I know. Will try finding stuff from the recent London and NY fashion weeks to blog abt instead.)

This sailorific look is quite old. But if gladiators and leggings are still around, I don’t see why this would be deemed outdated. So landlubbers might want to opt for nautical strips, double breasted shorts, or just a simple white and navy blue ensemble once in a blue moon. Those dresses from ebay put the S in sailor. A really fun take on the sailor look. I love that picture with the red suitcase btw.

So mee hearties, while I’m in the lib mugging for my midterms next week, this is a look to consider. At least it will make a refreshing sea change from the floral, gipsy, boho, ethnic looks that have dominated summer over and over. ( I quite like Zara’s Fall 08 collection which I in stores now though. Very Gucci fall 08, but very ex too. Very nice fringed tops/ studded vests/ Mongolian coins etc. Ok I digress. Wandering mind. But I might do a post on that look soon.)

On another note, we’re celebrating Yez’ bday at screme later cos there’s some bondue event called blackout. But before that.. I’m actually contemplating visiting topshop orchard with denise and Lauren later. I’m so easily distracted. I have a wandering mind. (now where have I said that before..) No wonder I do so well for exams =D

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