Monday, September 29, 2008

silver eevees shine like stars

The div 2 tournament 2008 has finally come to an end, and i'm glad to announce that SMU Foxes have been declared runner's up! we secured 2nd place after our last match today agnst springfield ewoks. (does anyone else think springbok- african animal, star wars alien cross? haha.) anyhow, it's been a great season, no losses. wish i was a better asset to the team though! shall work towards that. almost goals count for nthg as dennis aptly sez. and i only scored 1 or 2. and as a centre/ playmaker pair, i should be scoring gazillions. suckas. ah well, things can only improve from here.

Thanks to everyone for the amazing season! i love team sports. my smu life would be dead w/o floorball. To my GPA: go to hell =D. xoxo, deb.

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