Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spatio-temporal hyperlink is just a fancy term for magic door

So here i am, holed up in my room, with a niggling headache. Debra: self declared hermit, as i have 2 midterms tmrw. *whees with joy*

anyway, past week end was F1 weekened. here are some photos of Massa's pit stop blunder, Alonso's win and a horrible F1 crash.

haha lame i know (though there was a real crash by kimi.r actually.) marf! i'm so very bored. took some pictures with my webcam. nthg compared to photobooth on mac if you're wondering. i'm using nec. so hot when in use, you can fry an egg on it.

btw, vtg raybans were purchased off ebay. and i needa hair cut. should i keep my bangs? they're getting waaaaay outta hand. bushy bush bush kookaburra. alrightee. gonna resume geek mode. Wishing there was a spatio-temporal hyperlink to where chris is right now.

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