Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thru the looking glass: dolly, dainty, deceitful.

Hellow there mad hatters and Alice's, look what I was doing during Risk Management and Insurance class today =D here’s a really fun look for fall:

Following miu miu’s stunning S/S 08 collection, carnivalesque puff skirts and harlequin patterns galore, Topshop has just recently released their fall 08 collection “Wonderland”.

Topshop’s wonderland theme is really similar, with reds, dark blues and blacks, shine, and very full and short skirts. Topshop’s pieces are more wearable, if I do say so. God knows how difficult it is to wear some of those long sleeved (but nice) creations. But I have to say I love those very cute miu miu collars. Am actually thinking of getting a bow tie to wear with some of my dresses.

Anyhoodle, I absolutely love Topshop’s navy blue sequin dress in the top right corner, but my prom days are over. *sobz sobz sobz* and frankly I think people might mistake me for a clown/ getai singer or something. Or a bottle of navy blue glitter. Or a kid. ( I naturally look kiddy). Or just someone insanely shiny. OOo I love shiny. Can’t. Look. Away. Will get Denise to do her rendition of this pretty look for her blog soon. (denise is prawning w/o me right now. this very moment. yeas. this very moment.)

So people who desired but could not afford miu miu’s pieces, rejoice! Even though it’s a season (or more) late, better late than never! Embrace the bouncy castle pouf skirt with open arms! Ringmaster deb leaves the stage, thankew thankew *bows* and proceeds to continue whith her chi-squared adventures.

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