Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hold on little girl,

As mentioned in the earlier post, wendy's birthday was celebrated on sunday night. wendy's friends are a real crazy bunch. since it was halloween themed, there was violet from the incredibles, a cross dressing hawaiian dancer, a magician, a bunny girl and other weird creatures. oh, and a group that didnt dress up. haha. wendy was a grecian goddess (she sewed caesar-like gold laurels onto her satiny cream dress), i went as a sailor (since i have this very apt sailormoon dress and denise's bright red tights), wenkai went as (i'm guessing) a communist-ghost-KiSS-hybrid-zombie, and yezhong went as death in all black. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY! >:)

haha. ok it's back to studying for me. have a CB skit tmrw, and MR midterm on wed, for which i am officially, surely, definitely, screwed/fucked. =D simply delightful.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Wars

Haven't blogged in a while. (cos denise blogs for me) haha. anyway. Just came back from wendy's 21st at tree-hse at sis. played a few acoustic songs on my new(old) acoustic i bought yesterday. i bought a 2nd hand guitar which was the exact one i bought 2,3 yrs ago when i first started playing. but the neck on that one snapped. windy day, wind blew, guitar fell, you get the idea. i didnt smash it like a true rockstar or anything ;) anyway, also bought red coated strings and a capo. whoo.

OK, some happenings this past week:

I bought this skirt at topshop last monday! it was love at first sight when i saw it. ain't it purty? =) (though i was having 2nd thoughts regarding price, wearability etc etc) but heck. it was too amazing to resist. and very very miu-miu-esque, with a touch of disco. here's looking at it:

Anyways, last thurs was Bondue appreciation nite! was held at timbre. apparently i was invited cos i represent bondue for their annual/bi-annual dragon boat competiions (i'm the drummer yo). The theme was mismatched melissa, and i wore my new skirt! with my floorball jersey, mismatched tights inspired by AA, and my sports shoes. did i mention i won best dressed (100 dollars worth of river island vouchers mind you- alr spent it on a scarf and some tights). wouldnt have won without the help of my friends though. THANKS YOU to ALL OF YOU. so sweet. hha alright,so here're some of the peektures (denise lent me her cam. thanks sista). anayway i'm too lazy to upload them on facebook. will do so when i'm free(er).

Bondue app nite aside, here's what i wore to school on friday anyway. do i look like a receptionist? haha. and the guys do feel that this blouse is the most grand-ma-rish thing ever. i lovesit though. it's got this silky sheen, embroidered collar and striped and floral pastel patterns. those incredible shades are DENISE'S btw.

okalies dokalies, i'm off to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Daniel Radcliffe is sex. haha. i am cho chang. nuff said.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ritz to Rubble

Term break is over. Didn't do much. was in school with the rest for most part of the break. Blimey, we're typical SMU students we are! but i did sorta manage to catch up on my sleep, went thrifting and shopping, had a field trip to saatchi&saatchi Singapore, celebrated my dad's birthday, had a floorball dinner, and of course the mandatory wed night at zouk, starring superstar alex. it wouldnt have been half as entertaining without him. (photos courtesy of zhiyun)

Now for some runway photos: Here's diesel's s/s '09 ready to wear collection. nice, pretty and casual. Somehow, diesel always manages to make denim look.. glam. perfect for school and play. you don't see much wearable (subjective to the individual of course. Me, i'd wear anything! Ha-ha. I kid) stuff off the runway!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Napoleon Dynamite

i'm officially declaring my love for Luke Worrell (alr did that) marching band military jackets. They're so freddy mercury and adam ant.

ngggh! gotta get one. Does anyone know whr i can get one my size? marc jacobs did a few but those are obviously over my budget. think i'll try a costume store. i'm in love with that guy from lookbook btw. he's got the most insane collection of jackets ever. Jaysis, all guys should look that fetching.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The latitude of the human mind

Haven't blogged for a while now, due to a myriad of reasons occuring on the plane of reality. ok. basically, a lack of internet connection. haha. but now that that's resolved, here're 2 collections from spring 2009, ready-to-wear.

First up: chloe.

i really like chole's signature feminie sexy style, girly yet mature. simply love the attention to detail as well, with the shiny high waisted 80's-esque gathered pants (though when worn wrongly, one might tend to look like aladdin and would subsequently be forced to adopt a pet monkey.), the scalloped details on the blazers, and high wasited goodness. On the other hand, here're a few looks from Alexander McQueen's collection.

Lotsa pieces awash with explosions of colour. i get a very contemporary, mid-summer's night feel. haha. the pattern reminds me of the big bang, creation of the universe. or maybe, a dream vortex? the void between reality and the land of the dreaming. love those really tight pants/leggins. can see those as statement pieces in my closet (which, as of now is very non-existent. need some retail therapy.)

So, which do i prefer? i dont know. maybe i'll be enlightened after zouk tonight. till then.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sparkling Sand and Shining Sea

Showcasing Pepper and Pistol’s winter 08 collection: Underworld. It was inspired by the novel 20,000 leagues under the sea forthose who want to know.

The colours are very beautiful; subdued, but still eye grabbing. The socks over tights/leggings thing looks very tempting to try, but definitely not in Singapore though ( hot & humid temperature = high chance I’d spontaneously combust). However, I’m very inclined toward those loose sleeves/ Bat-wing tops. Reminds of the slouchy t-shirt over tights look going on (Denise hates this haha), but instead of just throwing on a normal long cotton tee, I’d throw on one that drapes nicely, and has some interesting design of sorts – preferably involving sequins; it’ll look much more sophisticated.

Anyway, since I was looking through their website, here’s their summer 09 collection: Babylon.

Much brighter colours this time around, and a very party party look. btw, anyone else hears the Jamaican print leggings (the white & colourful ones) calling out to you? *pause* ok I’ll shaddup now ‘nuff said.

On a non-fashion note, haven't decided if I want to go prawning with the friends later. It’s expensive (been blowing a lot of cash lately), and really far away (Bishan). And denise isnt going. (not that Denise must accompany me for everything, but you know..? Yes you do.) On the other hand, I’ve nv tried prawning b4, & kong-ordinator put a lot of effort into organizing this outing, it’s a public holiday (Hari Raya), and I have no classes tmrw. Yarp. We’ll see. Ta-ta for now kidz.