Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hold on little girl,

As mentioned in the earlier post, wendy's birthday was celebrated on sunday night. wendy's friends are a real crazy bunch. since it was halloween themed, there was violet from the incredibles, a cross dressing hawaiian dancer, a magician, a bunny girl and other weird creatures. oh, and a group that didnt dress up. haha. wendy was a grecian goddess (she sewed caesar-like gold laurels onto her satiny cream dress), i went as a sailor (since i have this very apt sailormoon dress and denise's bright red tights), wenkai went as (i'm guessing) a communist-ghost-KiSS-hybrid-zombie, and yezhong went as death in all black. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WENDY! >:)

haha. ok it's back to studying for me. have a CB skit tmrw, and MR midterm on wed, for which i am officially, surely, definitely, screwed/fucked. =D simply delightful.

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