Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The latitude of the human mind

Haven't blogged for a while now, due to a myriad of reasons occuring on the plane of reality. ok. basically, a lack of internet connection. haha. but now that that's resolved, here're 2 collections from spring 2009, ready-to-wear.

First up: chloe.

i really like chole's signature feminie sexy style, girly yet mature. simply love the attention to detail as well, with the shiny high waisted 80's-esque gathered pants (though when worn wrongly, one might tend to look like aladdin and would subsequently be forced to adopt a pet monkey.), the scalloped details on the blazers, and high wasited goodness. On the other hand, here're a few looks from Alexander McQueen's collection.

Lotsa pieces awash with explosions of colour. i get a very contemporary, mid-summer's night feel. haha. the pattern reminds me of the big bang, creation of the universe. or maybe, a dream vortex? the void between reality and the land of the dreaming. love those really tight pants/leggins. can see those as statement pieces in my closet (which, as of now is very non-existent. need some retail therapy.)

So, which do i prefer? i dont know. maybe i'll be enlightened after zouk tonight. till then.

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