Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Sparkling Sand and Shining Sea

Showcasing Pepper and Pistol’s winter 08 collection: Underworld. It was inspired by the novel 20,000 leagues under the sea forthose who want to know.

The colours are very beautiful; subdued, but still eye grabbing. The socks over tights/leggings thing looks very tempting to try, but definitely not in Singapore though ( hot & humid temperature = high chance I’d spontaneously combust). However, I’m very inclined toward those loose sleeves/ Bat-wing tops. Reminds of the slouchy t-shirt over tights look going on (Denise hates this haha), but instead of just throwing on a normal long cotton tee, I’d throw on one that drapes nicely, and has some interesting design of sorts – preferably involving sequins; it’ll look much more sophisticated.

Anyway, since I was looking through their website, here’s their summer 09 collection: Babylon.

Much brighter colours this time around, and a very party party look. btw, anyone else hears the Jamaican print leggings (the white & colourful ones) calling out to you? *pause* ok I’ll shaddup now ‘nuff said.

On a non-fashion note, haven't decided if I want to go prawning with the friends later. It’s expensive (been blowing a lot of cash lately), and really far away (Bishan). And denise isnt going. (not that Denise must accompany me for everything, but you know..? Yes you do.) On the other hand, I’ve nv tried prawning b4, & kong-ordinator put a lot of effort into organizing this outing, it’s a public holiday (Hari Raya), and I have no classes tmrw. Yarp. We’ll see. Ta-ta for now kidz.

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