Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Wars

Haven't blogged in a while. (cos denise blogs for me) haha. anyway. Just came back from wendy's 21st at tree-hse at sis. played a few acoustic songs on my new(old) acoustic i bought yesterday. i bought a 2nd hand guitar which was the exact one i bought 2,3 yrs ago when i first started playing. but the neck on that one snapped. windy day, wind blew, guitar fell, you get the idea. i didnt smash it like a true rockstar or anything ;) anyway, also bought red coated strings and a capo. whoo.

OK, some happenings this past week:

I bought this skirt at topshop last monday! it was love at first sight when i saw it. ain't it purty? =) (though i was having 2nd thoughts regarding price, wearability etc etc) but heck. it was too amazing to resist. and very very miu-miu-esque, with a touch of disco. here's looking at it:

Anyways, last thurs was Bondue appreciation nite! was held at timbre. apparently i was invited cos i represent bondue for their annual/bi-annual dragon boat competiions (i'm the drummer yo). The theme was mismatched melissa, and i wore my new skirt! with my floorball jersey, mismatched tights inspired by AA, and my sports shoes. did i mention i won best dressed (100 dollars worth of river island vouchers mind you- alr spent it on a scarf and some tights). wouldnt have won without the help of my friends though. THANKS YOU to ALL OF YOU. so sweet. hha alright,so here're some of the peektures (denise lent me her cam. thanks sista). anayway i'm too lazy to upload them on facebook. will do so when i'm free(er).

Bondue app nite aside, here's what i wore to school on friday anyway. do i look like a receptionist? haha. and the guys do feel that this blouse is the most grand-ma-rish thing ever. i lovesit though. it's got this silky sheen, embroidered collar and striped and floral pastel patterns. those incredible shades are DENISE'S btw.

okalies dokalies, i'm off to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Daniel Radcliffe is sex. haha. i am cho chang. nuff said.

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