Sunday, November 23, 2008

Across the universe

My blog is dead. ok not dead. comatose. hahah. i'm trying to revive it. 1 cardio-bypass please doctor yang. (haha i'm addicted to grey's anatomy cos it makes me cry like a baby).

Anyway, i got a camera from my dad recently (so, actually my blog should be bursting with life. but i'm afraid there were complications sir, complications). It's one of his hand-me-downs from eons ago. it's a canon powershot S1 IS, with 3.2 megapixels. hahahah. ancient. but it does take decent pictures and i appreciate Daddy giving Lucienne to me. Yes i named my camera Lucienne. anymore questions? good.

so here are some outfit photos from the past month of my life, though i'm sure you would have seen them on denise's blog. i tried out some DIY stuff recently and i think they turned out pretty fine =) i am intending to do more DIY after the exams, which, horror of horrors, is next week.

ok 1st up is this cosmic print high waist flare skirt. This one definitely turned out way better than expected. i saw this print at spotlight, and immedietely, i had the feeling i wanted to do something with it, so i bought it, ideas flowing outta my ears. but as usual the guys said it was the ugliest thing on earth, so this piece of cloth was left unused in my room for quite a while. but i kinda figured, why waste the money? so i made it into the safest thing possible ( or rather my grandma made it into the safest thing possible): a high waist flared mini skirt.

That print is INSANE, no? love it. hah. i have to say i'm really grateful to have not 1, but 2 grandmas who can sew =)

ok, so here's the next one. i have this really old pair of levis type 1s tt i purchased in during my days in crescent. and i don't wear them anymore. so i decided to cut them up. it was a stab in the dark this one. since i didnt know the 'right' way of creating cut-offs. i simply put on those jeans, got denise to trace around my leg with a pink highlighter at the desired length, then i snipped just abv that line. haha. sloppiness. but they turned out beautiful. and i'll wear this more than i'll ever wear those outdated jeans.

I like it. it goes with my AA deep V tee. but it would look even better paired with these. lace tights included.

i need these chloe beauties. like NEED not want. hahah. photo taken of jak&jil btw. love that site. it's teeming with awesome photos.

alright. it's time i got cracking on CB/MR/RMI. Advertising’s done with. i'm proud to say our campaign for the Singapore flyer was graded as the BEST in class. not only best in our category (CNY, the other category was v-day), but best IN CLASS. happiness =D. and we were, very honestly, very last min. we only got our shizz together minutes before the actual presentation. we were still finalising stuff in the car on the way to school for gods sake. and had to buy props from mustafa cos it's like the only place that's 24-hrs. hahah. what's new eh.

In summary, Our campaign was, I quote prof, “award-winning” and that he “liked it”. Have to say i was really fortunate to have kai and robs in my grp, and also evelyn at Ogilvy (our adopted agency) to help guide us along the way. the thrill we felt when we were announced as the winner was BEYOND DESCRIPTION (this was the name of our campaign!). we'll see if flyer chooses to adopt our idea or not. but we got a private capsule flight with champagne and strawberries and all as our prize. I wish my other mods were as.. fun.

This post is frikin long. Meh. I’m thinking of so many things other than studying. Like watching grey’s anatomy later, reading the 2 unread books from the twilight series in denise’s room, cutting ladder holes ala topshop in a pair of black mango skinnies that I have, mastering ‘while my guitar gently weeps’ on my acoustic, and drum lessons with jeremiah after exams (doesn’t hurt to learn smthg new and our band needs a drummer anyway. So I’ll take a break from being guitarist and try my luck at drumming). Ok FOCUS debra, FOCUS. STUDY. NOW.

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