Wednesday, November 26, 2008

postal blowfish

My exam week started today. Consumer behavior was fine i suppose. it wasn't great, but i did know a thing or two. was rushing for time though. I'm left with risk management (i'm dead) and marketing research (can i die twice?) on saturrday. exams always make me hyperventilate, and they heighten my awareness of my blood rushing through my veins, which look greenish under my sickly yellow skin. (i either need a tan or extensive whitening haha.)

So here's what i was wearing today: white DKNY Jeans top, Levis cut offs, Topshop fishnets, and patent black pedderred oxford wedges (ok i actually wore my converse chucks, they're more apt for school, AND i had to walk to the mrt. ha.) Anw, you wouldn't beleive the number of times denise had to take these photos. it was a particularly "i'm the most fug organism in the universe" day. thankyouverymuch.

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