Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

i've been tagged by mavis to do 6things abt myself. so here goes:

uno: here's what i was wearing today. red plaid guess sleeveless shirt, black high-waist volume skirt, red waist belt, sheer black stocking, suede ferragamo loafers, and my trustee nylon kate spade tote (which i got for a STEAL at half price during the HK summer sale!). everything on me is VINTAGE THRIFTED BAYBEES! this outfit, less the bag, cost me 15.50. beat that far east! HAHAHAHA.

dos: i love gardens. i'm enchanted by them. (esp secret ones. hur hur hur) there's smthg serene and romantic and peaceful abt gardens and flowers and huge shady tress. and i'm also half wishing a faery is gonna pop out from the shrooms to tell me to cast off my glamour cos i'm the fae's long lost queen. HA! here are some photos i took in my garden:

tres: here's what i've been inspired by lately:

Lovin these photos. sry it's rather messy. now you know what my brain looks like. whee.

cuatro: my fav FEmale model(haha you think i'm gonna talk abt luke worrall here?) of the moment: daisy lowe.

cinco: my HAIR is a MESS. bushy brush THING. i am gonna fix it next week. and i want it to look like daisy lowe's. haha

seis: MY END OF YEAR HOLIDAYS OFFICIALLY START TODAY! so i'm gonna read eclipse!!! MAhahaha. I HAVE RESISTED TEMPTATION the FRIGGIN PAST 2 WEEKS DOODS. seriously. sick love and unrealistic romance FTW! pip-pip! i'd tag some people to do this but i have no friends. marf!

// sorry i can't credit the pictures. i save the ones i like when i surf and i dont rmbr where they come from! also, the quote in the title is from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

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