Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Today's a great indication that the holidays have started!

1. Woke up at 9 not for school, but for some jamming with the guys! the guys are currently into canto rock ballads. specifically ballads by Beyond. hahah. but i have to say, they ARE rather catchy, though i can't understand what the words mean, and can only hum/whistle along to the tune.

2. Met denise, and bena and esther of the floorballies right after for some much needed retail therapy.

3. i was the ultimate fast food patron today. ate macs for brekkie, long johns fr lunchie and carl's jnr for dinner. man. i'm gonna get a heart attack, i think. (ok this point doesnt actually support the premise why the holidays started but i thought it was a very rare day that i ate fast food for all 3 meals. ha!)

here we are at beat merchants:

ribena and denise with the blue i-don't-know-what-that-is balloon:

today's outfit:

i'm wearing; beige dottie topshop ascot blouse, grey zara leggings, black leather celine bag (my mom's), silver hairband (which i bought tdy and wore on the spot. hahha).

aights. gotta pack for floorball camp. snarl. i hate packing for camps. such. a. drag. and just thinking about the camp makes me tired. (please don't kick me off the team if you read this capitan denise HAHA).

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