Sunday, January 04, 2009

dec 08

Happy new year! Starting tmrw, it's a brand new term at SMU. snarl. i've got entre management at 8:30. whees with joy. anyway, i've been really lazy with updating this blog, since denise practically does it for me. ahhaha. anway so here are some outfit photos!

yay. ok. and i shall introduce my new best friend. Inky silverlight! (all my possesions are from the silverlight family. i have a silver 3rd gen ipod nano, and her name is Izzy silverlight. heeh heeh. i love naming my possesions.)

beaute! i got the vitello lux bow detail miu miu satchel in zaffiro (midnight blue) from my parents fro x-mas! yayyayayyayyyayayyYAYs! aunty wanli (my mom's friend/colleague) helped get it for me from HK actually! cos it was sold out here in SG and it's cheaper in HK too! abt 9250HKD compared to 1990SGD! =) thanks to my parents. love.

okays. i'm gonna watch GG, and crash! oh and chris is back so that's another yay, and IVPs start tmrw as well. GAME ON RP. we gonna win.


venus said...

Hello, is the Miu Miu in Zaffiro the one in the picture above. Because ive been trying to figure out exactly how this blue looks. Or is it the same bag in black?

Debra said...

Hey there venus, yup the one in the picture (both pictures) is the miu miu bow satchel in zaffiro.. it's a really deep inky blue. almost like black, but the inky blue becomes more apparent under the sun! hope that helps..

venus said...

Thanks so much. Your adorable. Im def. going to get it!