Tuesday, January 20, 2009

we can work it out

Hey, ho! my wardrobe seems to have been invaded by blues and greens.either that, or my photos are awash with blues and greens because of the sky(it's blue- duh!) and evergreen singapore nature plants things herbiculture. hahha.

anyways anyways, here's what i wore to cheryl's birthday celebration the other day. GASP! blues and greens. hehhehhehehh. some subconcious sense of blue and green must've rubbed off on me during my days as an intern at standard chartered bank. wooweee.

1. black ladder vest, topshop 2. large floral paint print high waisted skirt, DIY (grandma) 3. grey granny socks 4. black patent oxford wedges, pedder red 5. vitello lux bow satchel in zaffiro, miu miu

Ok, now i shall declare: I HATE GREEN. hahahah ok lah. not hate in the absolute sense. i certainly like emerald green/ jewel tones of green like a really rich dark satiny green. heck i have a lace dress in that colour. but i really abhor that dirty olivey green, to the MAX. It's so safari. so.. ARMY and unmatchy mactchable. UGH

See. horrible horrible horrible colour. most hated in the spectrum of visible light! But as denise sez: never hate anything absolutely. and really. everyone hated high wasited stuff when those ultra low jeans were in. cos apparently they were unflattering and ah-ma. but now, everyone wants high waisted everything! so i shall say that olive green isnt always ugly. i just can't find anything to wear the colour with/ how to wear the colour nicely. olive green has potential. some people look pretty in it.

and check out Burberry Prorsum Spring ready-to-wear 2009:

Also, for older women, i'd honestly rather see them wearing smthg olive green than smthg neon green.

thus i conclude: olive green can be pretty, it's all in how you wear it! and if it looks terrible against your skin tone, don't wear it! haha. Alrighty, i shall go prepare for my EM test and start on the campbell soup IQ case study assignment for new product development class. ta!

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