Tuesday, January 13, 2009

walrus gumboot

Come Together: 1. navy wool beret, warehouse ; 2. navy shrunken blazer, vtg, thrifted ; 3. velvet tee with large flower print, vtg, thrifted ; 4. green leather bucket bag, vtg, thrifted ; 5. levis cut-offs, DIY ; 6. black shades, vintage

I had ethics class todayas usual. discussed aristotelian ethics as well as milton friedman's famous article regarding CSR. after running my photocopying errands at peace centre, i decided to do some thrift shopping! bought denise 2 skirts and a pair of red pants ala chloe spring 09 ready to wear. met joyce at the thrift store too =) whee! great seeing you there! quite sure i'll see you there again soon!

have been playing guitar hero/rockband ever since my brother bought a set with his scholarship money. drumming repeatedly makes my arms ache like hell. ahha. alright, gonna watch pushing daisies now! to hell with all my readings hehh ehhhehhehh.

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