Sunday, April 05, 2009

Veteran of a Thousand Psychic Wars

This was taken by Wendy a week ago at the Dempsey Black Market Flea. It was quite an "expensive" flea, where it was rather difficult to find stuff under 10 bucks. But i did manage to dig up a pink nettish top with sequins for 2 bucks, and a silver sable comic book for 2 bucks as well. i don't really like silver sable, but the cover was foil (!!!) and it featured spider-man as well. i love shiny things.

Wearing AA deep-v tee, Topshop leopard fur belt, DIY levi's cut-offs and Doc martens, though you can't see them here.

Anyway, since i'm wearing levi's and also doing a paper regarding the re-invention of their iconic 501s, here's man-candy Josh Beech who's featured in their 2009 campaign. gotta love tattoos. i think they picked the perfect model for their campaign. He makes Levi's look so hot right now.

EDIT: Here's a picture of me at the event taken by Tongue in Chic!

Thanks June! was wondering where that photo would turn up! it's quite low res though. Haha. View other people snapped at the event here

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