Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hissing decadence

Alexander McQueen's limited edition Britannia clutch, only 20 available, in stores Nov '09!

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Clowning around

Can totally see alexa chung wearing this.

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Not afraid to die

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Siren in the Lake Cabin

The Lake and Stars Lingerie SS10

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Give me an A (glittery one thanks)

Designer: yvonne lau

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Dialling Prince Matthew

Who knew you could look so cool in a phone booth? need pvc pants and killer boots NOW!

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Gallop to fairyland

"Hermès and Liberty are collaborating on a new Hermès scarf and tie shop which will open for six weeks from Monday September 7 lasting till Sunday October 18, taking over 100 square meters of the current Liberty’s scarf room..."

So pretty!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Undisclosed desires

Adore TOPSHOP's fall campaign. love the styling and makeup - light eyes and dark eyeliner ftw.. wish i could find more campaign pictures (esp the one with ripped shorts and crystal detailed blazer).

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Celebrate good times

Fireworks are always used to celebrate important days and events! last week in barcelona, i went to witness a fire-run. the fireworks were so close they burned holes in your clothes. could be a cool effect though. heh.

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BALMAIN I LOVE YOUUU. need to find a close replica of this asap. saw this piece in real life at harrods in london. Speechless.

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my baby shot me down

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Spikes Sequins Slogans Scenery Statues

Ashish SS10 collection wants: Nike Blue on white tee, sunset dress & same old chic tee. oh, and spiked denim with ice-cream is awesome. i just love how sequins were used in this collection.

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Blick and Whate

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Double A

Alexa and Aggy at the house of holland runway show

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Ghetto princess

Love heavily detailed stuff. SHING!

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You belong to me

Kate Moss - vogue paris oct 09

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